Accurate metal productions and precision

We pay attention to the smallest of details, this testifies the good care that our experienced and demanding people dedicate to the creation of each products while ensuring a high standard of quality.

produzioni metalliche como lecco

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. -Mark Twain


ALONGHI SRL can manufacture structures for the industry with any type/shape of profiles, metal plates, sheet metal and machining. Permanent engineered and certified or temporary structures for service made on site for every need.



ALONGHI SRL realizes specific iron elements for the architectural and construction industry: doors, gates, windows, balustrades, sheds, canopy,stairs and emergency stairs, lofts, structural elements, railings, grilles.



ALONGHI SRL produces elements with modern designs in high design iron and artistic value in collaboration with designers of excellence. All the while assuring accuracy in the achievements and fine finishes.